Anne Margaret Daniel

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Selected Works

F. Scott Fitzgerald. A novel. Redheads.
Rudy Vallee, Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan. Dylan carries the flame for torch singers on his grand new album.
The RSC at the Barbican, London, ends 2013 and begins 2014 radiantly.
Bob Dylan and baseball in Cooperstown, NY
From Literary Imagination (2005).
Oscar Wilde's Salome in French and English
Three early-70s novels of Roth’s reread.
Magazine article
Bob Dylan and "Highway 61 Revisited," 1965
Bob Dylan's songs of innocence and of experience. (Reviewed for ISIS Magazine, September 5, 2012.)
Book chapter
Louis MacNeice, T.S. Eliot, High and low Modernism, and a long friendship

Forthcoming, and in progress....

The last complete unpublished stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Scott, Scottie and Zelda, all in the same boat (Fitzgerald Estate/Scribner).

A novel set in Los Angeles.

REDHEADS. A book on cultural and literary representations of redheads. Under way, off and on, despite several imitators, since 1996.